About Me

artist: Sanna Legan

Hi! I'm Ruiran, and I am a rising junior at Carnegie Mellon University studying chemistry, computer science, and collaborative piano.

To me, the common thread shared by all three of these fields is collaboration—I love working with others to make the impossible possible. Whether it's bouncing ideas off of each other in lab, or working together to provide the best possible learning experience for students, or combining skillsets to create musical productions from the ground up, I've learned that I live off of this synergy.


I'm currently involved in research on polymer synthesis in the Noonan group at Carnegie Mellon University. In the summer of 2017, I also conducted research with the Porco group at Boston University, during which I studied a novel synthesis of indoles with concurrent group migration (the poster can be found here).

Computer Science

I am working towards completing an additional major in computer science alongside my chemistry degree, and have been a teaching assistant for 15-122, an introductory course at CMU, since the fall of 2019. This upcoming summer, I am taking two CS courses and working remotely as a software engineering intern at Network Medical Management.

Collaborative Piano

I've worked on many theatrical productions as a music director and/or pianist in both student-produced and professional capacities. At CMU, I am heavily involved in Scotch'n'Soda Theatre, notably music directing the 2019 Carnival production of MAMMA MIA!. I was also a resident artist pianist for the Pittsburgh Festival Opera in the summer of 2019, and most recently have worked as a rehearsal pianist for the CMU School of Music's productions of The Light in the Piazza and The Turn of the Screw.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great rest of your day!