Courses @ CMU

This page is inspired by some similar pages I’ve seen before and mostly exists for me to reflect upon my experience completing two (very disjoint) degrees at CMU in four years.

A ☆ indicates a course that was particularly engaging and interesting to me (relative to other courses in that semester).

Fall 2018


  • (03121) Modern Biology
  • (09107) Honors Chemistry: Fundamentals, Concepts, and Applications
  • (21127) Concepts of Mathematics ☆
  • (38101) EUREKA!: Discovery and Its Impact
  • (57381) Collaborative Piano I
  • (82343) Latin America: Language and Culture
  • (99101) Computing @ Carnegie Mellon

Spring 2019


  • (09348) Inorganic Chemistry ☆
  • (15122) Principles of Imperative Computation
  • (21241) Matrices and Linear Transformations
  • (21259) Calculus in Three Dimensions
  • (57382) Collaborative Piano II
  • (76107) Writing about Data
  • (76108) Writing about Public Problems

Summer 2019

I spent five weeks doing polymer synthesis research through CMU’s Summer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship with the Noonan lab, then worked with the Pittsburgh Festival Opera as a resident artist pianist for six weeks.

I really enjoyed this summer! I was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunities to explore multiple fields of interest.


  • (99270) Summer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship

Fall 2019


  • TA (15-122)
  • (09201) Undergraduate Seminar I
  • (09219) Modern Organic Chemistry ☆
  • (09221) Laboratory I: Introduction to Chemical Analysis
  • (15251) Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science ☆
  • (21325) Probability
  • (57383) Collaborative Piano III

Spring 2020

This was the semester that completely shifted to remote halfway through; the shift ended up not being much of an issue for all of my courses except for 09222 (which transitioned to writing lab reports pre-recorded experiment footage and data) and 09445 (which unfortunately just had to completely stop). Additionally, as a TA I had to adjust to teaching remotely (shoutout to SCS for helping us out by reimbursing TAs for tablets).


  • TA (15-122)
  • (09202) Undergraduate Seminar II: Safety and Environmental Issues for Chemists
  • (09204) Professional Communication Skills in Chemistry
  • (09220) Modern Organic Chemistry II ☆
  • (09222) Laboratory II: Organic Synthesis and Analysis ☆
  • (09445) Undergraduate Research
  • (33142) Physics II for Engineering and Physics Students
  • (38220) ENGAGE in the Arts
  • (38230) ENGAGE in Wellness: Looking Inward
  • (57384) Collaborative Piano IV
  • (57436) English/Contemporary Literature and Repertoire

Summer 2020

I originally had another internship offer lined up, but the program was cancelled due to COVID-19. After receiving that news, I signed up for online summer courses at CMU and went through the re-hiring process on LinkedIn, eventually receiving an offer to work remotely at Network Medical Management as a software engineer intern.

I’m genuinely surprised that this summer worked out as well as it did, given that I lost my initial summer plans. That being said, I’m incredibly fortunate that I was able to quarantine with family, focusing solely on my coursework and the full-stack development I did at my internship.


  • (15150) Principles of Functional Programming ☆
  • (15213) Introduction to Computer Systems

Fall 2020

This semester felt like a rough ride all the way through given pandemic circumstances; it was hard at times to figure out whether I was doing more than I could handle or if remote learning was making everything more difficult. I ended up dropping a course (15316: Software Foundations of Security and Privacy) so that I could spend more time on 09344 and 15312, a move which definitely served me well! I also got to teach recitations and take 57332 in-person (modulo COVID precautions), which made me feel a lot more grounded than I otherwise would have.


  • Lead TA (15-122)
  • (09301) Undergraduate Seminar III
  • (09344) Physical Chemistry (Quantum): Microscopic Principles of Physical Chemistry
  • (15210) Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms
  • (15312) Foundations of Programming Languages ☆
  • (38110) ENGAGE in Service
  • (38330) ENGAGE in Wellness: Looking Outward
  • (57221) Italian Diction
  • (57332) Introduction to Conducting ☆
  • (57385) Collaborative Piano V

Spring 2021


  • Lead TA (15-122)
  • (09302) Undergraduate Seminar IV
  • (09321) Laboratory III: Molecular Design and Synthesis
  • (09331) Modern Analytical Instrumentation
  • (09345) Physical Chemistry (Thermo): Macroscopic Principles of Physical Chemistry
  • (09510) Chemistry and Sustainability
  • (57336) Instrumental/Choral Conducting ☆
  • (57386) Collaborative Piano VI
  • (80180) Nature of Language ☆

Summer 2021

I worked remotely as a software engineer intern with Palo Alto Networks on the NGFW System-test QA team. In addition, I was a teaching assistant for the summer iteration of 15-122, and composed music for a play named The Great Hunger that premiered in NYC September 2021.

Fall 2021


  • Lead TA (15-122)
  • (09401) Undergraduate Seminar V
  • (15281) Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Problem Solving
  • (15317) Constructive Logic ☆
  • (15411) Compiler Design ☆
  • (38430) ENGAGE in Wellness: Looking Forward

Spring 2022


  • Lead TA (15-122)
  • (05391) Designing Human Centered Software
  • (09322) Laboratory IV: Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics
  • (09402) Undergraduate Seminar VI
  • (15451) Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • (15591) Independent Study
  • (54430) Production Prep: Preludes (Sound) ☆
  • (76270) Writing for the Professions

Summer 2022

I wrapped up my time with 15-122 by working as an instructor of record for the course during the first half of the summer. In August, I started full-time work as a software engineer at Palo Alto Networks.