Curriculum Vitae



Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Computer Science (dual degree), Minor in Collaborative Piano (May 2022)



  • Scotch’n’Soda Theatre. Vice President (2021–2022); Music Liaison (2020–2021); Secretary (2019–2020); Music Director (2019–2022); Pianist (2018–2022).
  • CMU All-University Orchestra. Assistant Conductor (2021–2022).
  • Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Mu Chapter. Sergeant-at-Arms (2021–2022); Music Chair (2020–2021); Member (2019–2022).
  • Academic Review Board/University Disciplinary Committee. University Board Member (2019–2022).
  • Carnegie Mellon Informatics and Mathematics Competition Organizing Team. Logistics Officer (2019–2020).
  • Spring Carnival Committee, Member (2018–2019).

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST)

Advanced Studies Diploma (June 2018)


research experience

Noonan Research Group (polymer chemistry)

(Carnegie Mellon University, 05/2019–05/2021)

  • Conducted research through the 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship
  • Investigated novel syntheses of cations that functionalize anion exchange membranes
  • Utilized standard organic synthesis techniques as well as GPC, H-NMR, and IR analysis

Porco Research Group (organic chemistry)

(Boston University, 07/2017–08/2017)

  • Conducted studies towards a novel synthesis of indoles with concurrent group migration
  • Investigated a new reaction pathway inspired by an unexpected result in mentor’s work
  • Worked up reactions and employed H-NMR, C-NMR, and UPLC-MS analysis

work experience

Head Chemistry Teaching Assistant

(TJHSST, Alexandria, VA; 06/2018–07/2018)

  • Facilitated communication between teachers and other TAs
  • Kept in correspondence with parents of students regarding the summer curriculum
  • Created quizzes and other review materials to provide to the 130-student class

Chemistry Teaching Assistant

(TJHSST, Alexandria, VA; 07/2016–08/2016)

  • Helped teach the Honors Chemistry I curriculum in an accelerated timeframe of 5 weeks
  • Worked with students to support them in better understanding chemistry concepts
  • Devised and taught a unit on organic chemistry alongside other TAs

computer science

work experience

Software Engineer

(Palo Alto Networks, Santa Clara, CA; 08/2022–present)

15-122 Instructor of Record

(CMU School of Computer Science, Pittsburgh, PA; 05/2022–06/2022)

Software Engineering Intern

(Palo Alto Networks, Santa Clara, CA; 05/2021–08/2021)

  • Developed an integrated device monitoring dashboard to facilitate testing and monitoring
  • Collaborated with engineers across different teams to build upon existing infrastructure
  • Utilized Grafana for front-end and PHP, Python, InfluxDB, and MySQL for back-end

15-122 Lead Teaching Assistant

(CMU School of Computer Science, Pittsburgh, PA; 08/2020–05/2022)

  • Managed course logistics and infrastructure in order to ensure the course runs smoothly
  • Coordinated a team of 45+ teaching assistants and onboards new teaching assistants

Software Engineering Intern

(Network Medical Management, Alhambra, CA; 06/2020–08/2020)

  • Designed and implemented a full-stack web portal from scratch for use by physicians
  • Collaborated with business users and executives to add functionalities relevant to end users
  • Utilized Bootstrap/jQuery/JsRender for front-end and Flask/SQLAlchemy for backend

15-122 Teaching Assistant

(CMU School of Computer Science, Pittsburgh, PA; 08/2019–05/2022)

  • Assisted in teaching code correctness, data structures, and algorithms to over 500 students
  • Led recitations and labs, facilitating a collaborative environment for student learning
  • Guided student understanding of concepts and assignments one-on-one in office hours

Mathematics Content Writing Intern

(Expii, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA; 09/2018–05/2019)

  • Created educational content aimed at a target demographic of high school students
  • Authored problems, solutions, and topic explanations in mathematics, primarily Algebra 1
  • Assisted in creation of mathematics curricula based upon existing pedagogical research


Quagmire: a C0 compiler (2021)

(project for 15-411: Compiler Design @ CMU)

  • Built a compiler for C0, a safe subset of the C language, in OCaml nearly from scratch
  • Implemented optimizations yielding substantial execution time and code size improvements
  • Extended the language using dependent types to optimize array bounds checking

HonkBot (2021)

  • Built a Discord bot for use by 15-122 during the Spring/Summer 2021 remote semesters
  • Implemented automated student roster verification and role management features
  • Utilized Python, Discord API, and Heroku Redis to build back-end infrastructure

Cleversign: a real-time American Sign Language interpreter (2018)

  • Built a classifier that outputs English letters given visual webcam input of ASL hand signs
  • Retrained Google’s Inception-V3 convolutional neural network (CNN) using TensorFlow
  • Utilized OpenCV for image preprocessing, i.e. isolating the hand’s shape in each frame